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Daniela Poggi assaulted in Submission of a Woman (1992)

Daniela Poggi assaulted in Submission of a WomanItalian MILF Daniela Poggi plays a rape victim in this drama about a woman who takes the ultimate revenge on the man who broke into her home and sexually assaulted her.

This scene shows the assault as the scumbag — armed with a knife — orders Daniela to strip to her underwear in her bedroom. She does so and is forced to endure him embracing her from behind and reaching inside her bra to fondle her breast while complimenting her on how beautiful she is.

Suddenly Daniela tries to make a run for it but he easily stops her and throws her on the bed, making it quite clear that he’ll use the knife if she tries to escape. So she stays perfectly still and gently sobs as the perv slowly caresses her body, groping her tits and putting his hand inside her panties before eventually undressing and raping her.

Isabelle Illiers forced blowjob in Les Fruits de la Passion (1981)

Isabelle Illiers forced blowjobInfamous perv Klaus Kinski takes it upon himself to teach naive, innocent Isabelle how to be a woman in this kinky sequel to The Story of O.

In this scene Isabelle is topless with her pert teen breasts on show as Klaus explains how to give a blowjob. At which point Klaus’ pal comes over, pulls aside his underwear and shoves his flaccid dick in her mouth. She is surprised and struggles but eventually succumbs, sucking and swirling her tongue around it until it grows erect and it’s owner starts to moan in delight.

There are no special effects in this movie, all the sex scenes such as this one are real. That’s not a bad job to land as an actor — having your dick sucked by a gorgeous French teenager!

Ellen Sandweiss raped by a tree in The Evil Dead (1981)

Ellen Sandweiss raped by a tree in The Evil DeadOne of the more infamous horror flicks of the 80s produced one of the more infamous rape scenes in cinematic history.

Ellen Sandweiss finds herself alone in the woods late at night where she is sexually assaulted by a tree, whose branches have a life of their own and grab hold of Ellen, hauling her to the ground and tying her up so she can’t escape. It then rips open her shirt, exposing her breasts.

With a branch wrapped tightly round each of her limbs, her legs are slowly pulled apart by the evil tree and a bigger, more solid branch enters her pussy as Ellen’s face registers a mixture of shock, fear and pain.

After her ordeal is over she makes a run for it, but is pursued through the woods by a supernatural demon…

Camille Keaton raped in I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

Camille Keaton raped in I Spit on Your GraveThis infamous movie was banned for many years due to the graphic rape scenes as poor Camille is repeatedly assaulted by four rednecks when she takes a short vacation in the country.

In this, the first time she’s gang raped, she is chased through the woods wearing just her bikini which starts to slip as she runs. As the baddies catchup with her and throw her to the ground, her nipples are out and soon her top is ripped off completely as the men callously toy with her, surrounding her and groping her as she tries to fight them off.

Then she is stripped naked and her arms and legs are pinned down as the village idiot is summoned to lose his virginity. He refuses, so the leader gets between Camille’s legs and savagely rapes her, ignoring her angry cries of “Stop it! Stop it!”

Takami Yoshimoto force fucked in Minazuki (1999)

Takami Yoshimoto force fucked in MinazukiCute Japanese actress Takami is forced into her kitchen by a violent gangster and told to strip. Fearing for her life, she takes off her dress and then slows down, causing the mobster to become impatient.

He spins her away from him up against the sink and rips off her bra before pulling down her panties, leaving her totally naked as she starts to whimper, aware what is coming next. Then he picks up some liquid soap and pours it down her back, rubbing it into her pussy to ensure it’s well lubricated.

Finally he unbuttons his pants and forces his cock inside her, roughly fucking her and using her body like a piece of meat while she grimaces and cries out in pain and humiliation.

Rebecca Brooke’s forced blowjob in The Image (1975)

Rebecca Brooke forced blowjob in The ImageThis xxx erotic drama was notorious because it featured real sex between the actors and showed erect dicks and spread pussies — it’s pretty much hardcore porn.

There is a proper storyline too though as it focuses on the domination of naive Rebecca by a kinky couple, who easily manipulate her. In this scene they make her strip down to some sexy underwear which exposes her bush and breasts, before the guy takes his cock out and instructs her to suck it. Rebecca refuses, but the woman pushes her head down towards it and eventually she has no choice but to take it into her mouth and start sucking.

Her displeasure is obvious and in stark contrast to the guy, who closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of her warm mouth wrapped around his penis.

Laura Rice forced to fuck in Heart of Stone (2001)

Laura Rice forced to fuck in Heart of StoneA sadistic serial killer has captured hot blonde Laura in this scene and she sits handcuffed to a chair, begging for mercy as the killer approaches her with a knife.

He reaches underneath her skirt and slides down her panties before forcing her legs apart and kneeling between them. Then he moves his knife up to her shirt and cuts it open as poor Laura cries and screams. Her huge natural breasts hang free when he also cuts her bra and pushes it aside, taking a tit in one hand and squeezing it roughly.

Finally he gets his cock from his pants and forces it inside Laura, causing her to scream in pain and humiliation as he fucks her, with her exposed boobs bouncing, before ultimately murdering her (although thankfully that happens off screen).

If cute blondes with large, natural jugs are your thing, check out this scene and feast your eyes on the gorgeous Laura Rice.

Lola Falana raped in The Klansman (1974)

Lola Falana raped in the KlansmanThis 70s blaxploitation thriller centers around the racial tensions caused when a white lady claims she was raped by some black men.

In this scene a group of white supremacists decide to get their own back by raping innocent black girl Lola. They kidnap her and take her to a barn where she’s manhandled by the crooked sheriff, who rips off her shirt as she struggles and fights.

Soon a couple of other guys wade in to help the sheriff, pinning poor Lola to the ground as her clothes are torn from her sexy body, revealing her butt and some bush. Then the sheriff takes off his pants and positions himself between Lola’s legs, brutally fucking her as the others hold her arms and legs while she thrashes about trying to get free.